The ‘Ungrateful’ Refugee

Today’s Needull is about an exile searching the true meaning of ‘home’. Her Christian mother took her out of post-revolution Iran when she was a child. Her journey took her to disparate places such as Amsterdam and Oklahoma, made her experience a life which kids her age who were left behind in Iran could not even dream of. But, just like all good things in life, all these luxuries came with some ‘hidden costs’. Be it the lack of friends or the constant reminder of her ‘good fortune’, she has always been expected to be ‘eternally thankful’ to the good samaritans of the West.

Do you blame her for being unapologetically ungrateful? Maybe, you do now but maybe you won’t once you’re done with the article.

Because a person’s life is never a bad investment, and so there are no creditors at the door, no debt to repay. Now there’s just the rest of life, the stories left to create, all the messy, greedy, ordinary days that are theirs to squander.

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The Guardian – Dina Nayeri

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