Most Influential Women in Finance

Everyone seems to be cashing in on the International Women’s Day frenzy. The above image of a defiant girl in front of Wall Street’s iconic charging bull statue was just another addition to the same. State Street Global Advisors, world’s third-largest asset manager, installed this bronze statue on Tuesday morning as part of its new campaign to pressure companies to add more women to their boards.

Talking about women in financial sector, today’s Needull is a list of my favourite women finance professionals. Go through the list, read through these relatively unknown names and you will be surprised to know how women are ruling the world, even in a literal sense.

The financial world is dynamic, unpredictable, capricious and sadly, male driven. But thanks to the women mentioned in this blog and thousands more like yours truly, the world is gradually waking up to the idea to let the fairer sex handle the finances, at home and outside. There is a lot needed to be done but as for now, the defiant girl is just standing, determined and steadfast, as the bull ahead snarls in anger.

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