This needull is a very interesting profile on Candy Barr, an American stripper, burlesque dancer in the mid-20th century. “At age 16, Barr appeared in one of the most famous and widely circulated of the early underground pornographic movies, Smart Alec (1951). Because of the widespread “underground” distribution and popularity of this short hardcore 8mm movie, which is no more than 15 minutes long, she has been called “the first porn star.” – Wikipedia

She reached for another cigarette and said, “I started to tell you a story earlier. About something that scared me for years. It was one night when I was babysitting, I was dead tired from washing bed sheets all afternoon and trying to study and the baby was crying. I walked over and put my hand on the baby’s nose. That’s all there was to it, a moment of darkness, but just for a moment I knew I was capable of killing. I thought about that many times in prison. Women who had killed or harmed children were horribly ostracized in prison. I could understand why they struck out at me, but those poor women—didn’t they understand how those women hurt inside? Couldn’t they tell by the depth of their tears? Didn’t they understand that brief moment of darkness?”

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Gary Cartwright — Texas Monthly

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