Can a startup cure eating disorders?


There is a lot happening in the mental health space. There are many startups trying to solve various mental heath related issues. “More than 300 mental health startups have launched in the past two years alone, and venture capital investment has grown dramatically.”

“I finally realized my eating disorder was taking away way more than it was giving me. It was too painful to go on this way.” She ended up trying Lantern, which she stuck with for the full three months of the program. “I found the food logging on Lantern kind of triggering,” she said. “I’d feel ashamed if I was reporting a binge-purge.” But her coach persistently asked questions that pushed her to acknowledge that her problem was serious. “She would ask, ‘What is the eating disorder doing for you?’ or ‘Do you think you should consider a higher level of care?’” Joachim said. The generic responses didn’t bother her; it was the act of writing things out that helped.

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