The Mysterious Power of Arrogance


In our society, we favor a certain compliance to the existing norms. But having said that, you might have come across many arrogant people who are also very successful. Today’s needull looks at a remote society in Papua New Guinea and tries to draw an analogy to the election of Trump as president.

A certain kind of rugged, me-and-mine-first individualism has long been a value in the United States, but it has competed with other values that are concerned with openness, tolerance, and the common good. People usually balance these, compromising on all of them in order to realize a little bit of each. But perhaps because the value of individualism has become harder for most people to realize, even partially, in their current economic circumstances, many Americans recently proved captivated by someone with little interest in values other than individualistic self-promotion. They were joined to a candidate—who went on to become President Donald Trump—by a bond anchored in his ability to express this one value of theirs very fully.

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