Stability Is Good for Business. Trump’s Whims Threaten It


Trump and uncertainty go together. Ever since becoming the President, he has tried doing lot of things he promised in his election campaign. Businesses like to plan ahead for the future. With Trump and his executive orders, planning is becoming difficult.

When the president can damage your business with a tweet—and will, if you disagree with him publicly—then dissent is more difficult. Business decisions, too, are now complicated by the fact that a company that decides to close a factory must now answer personally to the president. As my colleague Peter Coy wrote in these pages in the last issue, businesses spent eight years under President Barack Obama complaining about “uncertainty” in the tax code, in the Affordable Care Act, and in regulation. President Trump’s first week, of drastic and inconsistent ad hoc regulation, seems unlikely to inspire any certainty.

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Matt Levine — Bloomberg Businessweek

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