Is Banking a Man’s World?

“This’s a Man’s World….”

This 60s song by John Brown is specially true when it comes to banking industry. The women comprise less than 20% in the banking industry. There are claims that this might be because women are weaker / less interested in Maths compared to men. The veracity of this ludicurous claim is something about which I recently wrote in my blog at Brazen Banker.

But your Needull for today is not something I wrote about in this blog. It is a recent data about the second part in the above seemingly male chauvinist song that I referred to earlier.

“But it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl…”

So, today’s Needull is about why women are actually better at handling money compared to men. A research about women as investor / trader has seen that their risk averse nature actually helps in better returns to their investment. The data is clear. The gender stereotype that women are less confident than men – or “that women are less overconfident than men” – is, for once, a useful trait. There is a strong argument that women, by their very nature, do indeed make better traders and better returns.

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Original blog: Where have all the girls gone?