Don’t Race Through a Great Book


Even though, I completely agree with the title of today’s needull, I always end up rushing through the novel to find out how the story is moving. Currently, I am reading Orhan Pamuk’s Snow. There are moments when I have to remind myself to read a paragraph again because I had not understood what the writer was saying but nevertheless had moved ahead.

Just as important as our lively discussions of the novel’s content was a more lasting gift: the experience of reading for pleasure. “I think David Copperfield has made me want to read more often for enjoyment than just for school,” one student wrote. “The page count and flea-sized text gave me a scare at first, but I will admit that [David Copperfield] has become one of my favorite books,” wrote another. They all said that they had looked forward to reading the novel. It filled the gaps in their day and cropped up in conversations with their friends. They even called their parents to talk about it. They were sad to see it end. And so was I.

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Paula Marantz Cohen — The American Scholar

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