The movie created by a collective memory

Collective memories define generations. But not all of them are true. This needull points to one such memory: A film called Shazam. I have such memories too, at least two: of a Japanese remake of Sigappu Rojakkal and of a 1984 horror film called Pyasa Shaitan. (Okay, after years of searching, that second one turned out to be true as I found it on YouTube in early 2010s, though I am not sure if it was ever released in theaters.

I can’t find evidence of the Clarks offer on the internet, though my sister remembers it and a poll that I conducted online shows that at least 500 other people do, too. Does this mean my memory is real? We have become very used to the idea that you can find anything on the internet, yet what do we accept as “proof”? Do we need pictures, videos, and articles, or is the fact that hundreds of others share our memory enough?

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