The forgotten Arab Schindlers

Living in an Arab country, I often encounter Jew haters and Holocaust deniers; and that includes people from elite educational background and seemingly liberal views. The feeling of hatred is mutual, as I understand, esp. amongst non-American Jewish communities. So, this particular 2006 article about Arabs who saved Jews came as a huge surprise for me.

In today’s Needull, an article in the Washington Post, the author and a think-tank on the subject Robert Satloff shares amazing stories of Arab heroes who rescued Jews during the World War II Holocaust (unlike people like Schindler, none of these people have yet been recognised by Israel as Righteous Among the Nations). These Arabs range from the high priest of a Parisian mosque to a young Tunisian aristocrat, and each of these stories deserve to be re-told and maybe made into movies, as they have an ability to change the way Arabs and Jews see one another during today’s troubled times.

The complete article

Robert Satloff – The Washington Post

Image source (by the way, this famous 1993 ‘coexistence’ image is actually staged)