The choice is yours

Today’s needull is about an art exhibit that explores how we make decisions, and how we choose the person we vote for:

R Luke DuBois an artist who works with data, and a professor at NYU. For his video Acceptance (2016), he wrote software to synchronize Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s convention acceptance speeches, so they appear to be reading each other’s words in a never-ending crossfire. In another one of his recent installations, Take a Bullet for the City (2014), a semiautomatic handgun connected to a police feed fires every time someone is shot in New Orleans. For A More Perfect Union (2011), DuBois downloaded 19m online dating profiles and ran word analyses across them, finding out how people in different cities described themselves. His most recent fascination is the process of voting – how we vote, and how we make choices.

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Geeta Dayal

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