Side-effects of Being Dead

I finally got a chance to see Swiss Army Man today. On the risk of being judged, let me admit that ever since I had seen the trailer with Daniel Radcliffe’s farting corpse Manny as the titular character, I had wanted to see this movie and guess what, it totally lived up to its hype. While this may be difficult to believe, this movie does ask meaningful questions and ponders why the things that weird us out (e.g. farting and masturbation) make us so uncomfortable—and why we waste so much of our lives worrying about them.

But most importantly, it shows that even a corpse can be useful in times of crisis.

In today’s humorous yet ‘inspirational’ piece from Cracked, we learn 6 greatest things that have been accomplished by dead bodies. I hope you don’t feel bad about your failures till date because…

…maybe you’ll make up for it after you’re dead.

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