Confessions of a clickbait creator – AMAZING! LOL!


These days there is no escaping the clickbaits that appear below every article you read on internet. They are often lists, random stuff related to celebrities and are plastered with ads. In today’s needull, a clickbait creator discloses how this economy works.

Instead of planning for the future and diversifying their business model, most rely heavily on Facebook and adapt only when the social media company forces their hand by changing the algorithms. The worst part about these companies, however, is the emphasis on volume of product – the content – and the lack of emphasis on the wellbeing of the producers – the writers.

I was assigned to “write” seven posts a day by a team of editors who between them had no previous editorial background whatsoever. My task was to take content from other viral sites that were shared and liked a thousand times over, save the images and videos from those posts, and write “stories” around them – repurposing the works of our competitors.

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