Dabblers And Blowhards

These days if someone becomes famous (celebrity), his area of expertise expands. Today’s needull looks at one such expert’s essay and reasons why it is better to stick to something where you are a genuine expert.

I actually worry a lot that as I get “popular” I’ll be able to get away with saying stupider stuff than I would have dared say before. This sort of thing happens to a lot of people, and I would *really* like to avoid it

– Paul Graham, posting on lemonodor.com

This is a shame, both because Graham is an excellent author when he sticks to topics that he knows well, and because there are real books out there that address the connections between computer programming and visual art. The best of these is called Light and Color in the Outdoors. You may see my copy on a subway train somewhere, where it was liberated into greater New York by my roommate, the Bulgar of Fortune. Minnaert never specifically mentions painting or computer science, but the book is all about the optics and physics of outdoor phenomena, and you will never look at a sunset the same way again.

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