What is a “bitch”?


Today’s needull looks at the usage of the word “bitch” specially in the current election scenario. Interesting read.

Consider the current presidential race. Writing in the Atlantic about Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Peter Beinart explored the “anxieties that powerful women provoke” and the latent hostility many unenlightened people supposedly feel about the idea of a female president. In Beinart’s telling, Hillary’s candidacy has sparked a “sexist backlash” unlikely to abate if she is elected. His insight came after wandering around the Republican National Convention last summer and seeing merchandise with phrases such as “Life’s a bitch. Don’t vote for one” emblazoned on them, as well as other creative uses of the B-word to describe Hillary. This, in turn, reaffirmed his belief that Hillary’s Nixon-like level of political paranoia is justified. “Growing paranoid is easy, when, because of your gender, people really are out to get you,” he argued.

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