Feast vs. Fast

Why do the Bengalis revel in an irreverent food orgy during Durga Puja even as the rest of India celebrates the goddess for nine days with a pure vegetarianism that omits even grains and flours from daily meals?

I am sure most non-Bengalis have asked this question to their ‘Bong’ friends, albeit with a tinge of jealousy. While the rest of India unwittingly tries to find some taste in the flavourless Vrat food, the Bengalis fill themselves up with delicacies.


Today’s Needull, a Durga Puja special, takes a look at this question and takes us through the very history of Durga Puja in Bengal as well as Bengali food. And in case you get tempted to try out some Sorse Ilish or Sandesh while reading the article, you can go ahead right away as today is Dashami, a day of feast for Bongs and non-Bongs alike.

Happy Dashami… Aaste Bochor Aabaar Hobe.

For our non-Indian readers, please read this article before you go for the Needull – Honoring the Warrior Goddess

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Pritha Sen – Express Foodie

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