Chat Bots Aren’t a Fad. They’re a Revolution.


All new things seem weird at first. Slowly, they become mainstream. This needull talks about chat bots. The writer has reasons to believe that chat bots are a revolution. Read along.

It’s a rare moment when it becomes clear that a technological revolution is upon us, and I believe we’re in the midst of one such transition right now. Even if you haven’t realized it yet, bots are everywhere. If you’ve ever talked to Siri, scheduled an appointment over email with someone named Amy Ingram, or set up a team meeting with a curiously helpful assistant in Slack, you’ve already had a close encounter with a bot! Bots have the potential to save us time, hassle, and tedium by automating mundane tasks, like gathering your team’s lunch preferences or building a travel itinerary, which could typically eat up hours of your time. Brands are catching on too, as evidenced by the throngs of businesses developing their own mechanized messengers.

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Chris Messina — Backchannel

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