An Eye for ‘An Eye for an eye…’

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Today’s Needull is actually a vain counter-Needull. Basically, in yesterday’s Needull, Neelabh used the above eternally relevant quote, supposedly from Mahatma Gandhi. Not his fault. Numerous sources, including Attenborough’s classic Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Louis Fischer, have used this quote while attributing it to Mahatma Gandhi. Today, I decided to look through the alleys of internet to verify if these words were actually spoken by Gandhi, either as his own thoughts or as any reference.

Well, it turns out the above quote has biblical origins, with Attenborough’s 1982 Gandhi probably being the first one to directly put this quote in Gandhi’s mouth, 33 years after his death. Today’s Needull is an article by Quote Investigator, delving deeper into the origins of this quote.

Hope this ‘counter-Needull’ is not going to turn me blind.

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