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Have you ever hear of ‘sad-desk-lunch‘?

Well, until half an hour ago, I had not heard of it either but now that I know of it, I have realized that I was having sad-desk-lunch for most of my workdays in last 7 years. If you have ever wolfed down a sandwich at your desk while the excel sheet you’ve left midway is glaring at you, you have had it too.

You’re not alone – over 60% of office-goers do the same.

It’s rushed, it’s vaguely undignified, and, perhaps saddest of all, it’s solitary—even if you’re sitting near your coworkers as you do it.

Thankfully, unlike the rest of the world, Germans take their lunch time seriously (or rather, not-so-seriously). Today’s Needull is an article in NY Mag which refers to a German article in Der Speigel, highlighting the pros and cons of a ‘happy non-desk lunch’ versus a ‘sad desk lunch’.

I sincerely hope you are not reading this Needull at your desk while wolfing down a sandwich.


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Jesse Singal – Science of Us – NY Mag

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