Do Opposites Really Attract??

Couple in heated argumentThe old romantic adage is a cute one, but according to some recent studies, opposites don’t necessarily attract.

Research shows that people tend to seek out relationships with—and eventually marry—partners who have similar (rather than different) defining characteristics, such as age, political orientation, religion, education, and income.

Researchers from the University of Kansas made a bolder claim. A study released earlier this year analyzed real-world relationships and asked couples (romantic partners, friends, and acquaintances) about attitudes, behaviors, values, prejudices, and personality traits that were important to them.

You try to create a social world where you’re comfortable, where you succeed, where you have people you can trust and with whom you can cooperate to meet your goals.

To create this, similarity is very useful, and people are attracted to it most of the time.

Official News Article of the Study Here

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

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