Why do high-achieving students help others cheat?


Today’s needull is an interesting discussion on why students help other students cheat. This is something that would have happened to all of us in school or college.

We weren’t close friends — we knew each other only as “the person who sits near me in bio.” What motivation did I have to help him? Well, he was retaking freshman biology as a sophomore, so I (condescendingly) felt a little bad for him. But more importantly, I was a nerd and didn’t have the social capital to say no, which was why cooler kids had been copying my homework for years. I considered whether Jacob needed the help, whether I might get caught, and whether he and his friends would consider me a bitch or a goody-goody if I ignored him. That cheating itself might be wrong didn’t enter into my calculations.

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Lauren O’Neal — The New Inquiry

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