I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup


Today’s needull is a horrible experience of a Silicon Valley startup employee. This is not to generalize all the Silicon Valley startups. There will always be people on the fringes who will do such unethical activities. I am sharing this because it is a compelling read and some parts of it might reflect what we might have faced.

Red flag #4: If you’re a manager and your direct report is hired before you without your engagement, they may not be a good fit and compete for your job.

We had 8 young Chinese employees on H-1B visas with us as developers, limited in experience but eager to please and learn. They end up being the ones to suffer the most. We also had three new business development team members. One of them befriended me quickly (I’ll call him Bruce) and eventually told me that he and the other two were poached from another startup across the hallway by our CEO who wanted a group of friends. Essentially, they were hired bros with ambiguous titles. I quickly leaned on Bruce as a friend (less cautiously than usual) because he seemed like a genuine person who was interested in helping me adjust to the new area.

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