Three Puzzles Inspired by Ramanujan


Today’s needull is a very neat article. The writer gives you three puzzles to solve. When you finally look at the solution, they don’t look very difficult. So, for people out there wanting to exercise their grey cells, this one is for you.

The mathematician Mark Kac divided all geniuses into two types: “ordinary” geniuses, who make you feel that you could have done what they did if you were say, a hundred times smarter, and “magical geniuses,” the working of whose minds is, for all intents and purposes, incomprehensible. There is no doubt that Srinivas Ramanujan was a magical genius, one of the greatest of all time. Just looking at any of his almost 4,000 original results can inspire a feeling of bewilderment and awe even in professional mathematicians: What kind of mind can dream up exotic gems like these?

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Quanta Magazine — Pradeep Mutalik

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