A Year of Crises, Shocks and Fears of Terror


A Chinese curse goes something like this — May you live in interesting times. This year 2016 so far has lived up to the promise. Is there some profound change that is happening, which we are unable to appreciate? Today’s needull discusses the year of crises, shocks and fears of terror.

Many of us simply don’t understand the world anymore. It will probably be up to the historians of future generations to accurately categorize what exactly it is that we’re experiencing in these times of transition. This is, however, not the time to give in to panic — it is time to have confidence in one’s own values and keep fighting for the society one believes in. Geopolitical turmoil is best overcome when one is grounded in clear convictions, which holds true for both citizens and countries as a whole.

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Spiegel — Mathieu von Rohr

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