With our own hands


Today’s needull presents a very interesting cookery book – “With our own hands”. This book won the top prize at the international Gourmand cookbook awards. More than a cookery book it is the story of life itself, as per the writer of the article.

It is also a story of human ingenuity and adaptation in the cold desolate mountains—where people have managed to cultivate a vast array of rare crops found nowhere else. It is a treasure trove of bizarre knowledge: from the extraordinary medicinal quality of apricot stones, to why fat from a fat-tailed sheep makes pancakes so tasty.

It’s a culture of sharing and hospitality and that’s often expressed through food. So people leave food on a roadside in case a traveller needs it. Personally I’ve learnt a lot about generosity and hospitality. With climatic change, large socioeconomic upheavals or migration patterns we don’t know what the future holds in terms of productivity of the seeds we are currently using.

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Quartz — Beth Walker

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