Suresh Raina’s journey from UP hostel to five-star hotels

Rarely do we get a glimpse of the life and struggles of successful people. The back story gets hidden behind the spotlight of their success. I found this candid article on Suresh Raina’s journey. Recommending it mainly because of the article’s honesty.

The train was chugging along towards Agra. Suresh Raina was sleeping on a newspaper spread on the floor, wearing his pad, chest-guard, and thigh pad as protection on that chilly night. So were the other 12 to 15 year-old boys heading to play a cricket tournament at the city of history and romance. Late in the night, Raina felt a weight on his chest and even before he could open his eyes, his hands were pinned down. A big kid was on his chest, and started peeing on his face. After a brief tussle, even as the train was grinding to a halt, Raina pushed the bully off him – “ek ghoosa maara, and threw him off the train”. Raina was 13 then, and struggling to cope in the Sports Hostel in Lucknow.

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