How Breakfast Became a Thing

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all believe this and never question it. But, just like DeBeers made diamond ring almost synonymous with wedding ring,  the cereal companies made us completely believe in breakfast being the most important meal.

Today’s needull looks into something we take for granted and goes on to show how marketing campaigns can change something as fundamental as our eating habit.

Did the marketers and executives genuinely believe in the value of promoting a cereal breakfast as healthy? Nutritionists had debated back and forth for decades whether America’s increasingly desk-bound workforce needed a hearty breakfast. (Really we’ve never stopped.) But by the time of the 1944 campaign, during World War II, government nutritionists had sided with the pro-breakfast camp. In the interest of improving the health of army recruits, they teamed up with cereal companies to suggest that everyone eat a “good breakfast of whole-grain cereal and fruit.”

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