Who Was Ramanujan?

Reading about Ramanujan gives me goose bump. The sheer raw brilliance of this independent mathematician amazes me. I had read the book “The Man who Knew Infinity” a couple of years ago and had recommended it on my blog. Now, a movie is releasing based on the book.

Pure geniuses like Ramanujan come once in a century. People are still discovering the elegant mathematics behind his theorems. He found these theorems hundred years ago when there were no computers. Reading his story reminded me of the feeling I get while looking at the stars in the sky. A feeling of complete awe at the wonderful world and things our human brain can’t fathom.

Today’s needull has been written by Stephen Wolfram, a distinguished mathematician himself.

It’s taken the better part of a century for many of Ramanujan’s discoveries to be fitted into a broader and more abstract context. But one of the great inspirations that Ramanujan gives us is that it’s possible with the right sense to make great progress even before the broader context has been understood. And I for one hope that many more people will take advantage of the tools we have today to follow Ramanujan’s lead and make great discoveries in experimental mathematics—whether they announce them in unexpected letters or not.

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