The Rise and Fall of Maggi

Indians are crazy when it comes to being a ‘fan’. They have a very passionate love affair with their idols, but the same true love turns to hatred if their idols fail to live up to their expectations.


Today’s Needull is not about the recent SRK blockbuster.

Neither is it about the sinusoidal love-hate relationship we have with our religion – Cricket.

It is about one of the most loved brands of the nation, who underestimated the craziness of the quintessential Indian FAN (with a crackle sound).

Last June, our favourite 2 minute noodles went through a rough patch. It all started by a finding made by the food safety regulators in Uttar Pradesh that samples of Maggi contained traces of lead and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in excess. When Nestle contested the finding, further tests were conducted in one of the best laboratories in Kolkata. The findings revealed that Maggi contained 17 Parts Per Million (PPM) of lead as against the permissible limit of 0.01 PPM. Following the discovery, it was banned in most of India and thus started, a nightmare for one of the most loved brands of the nation.

Today’s Needull, an article from upcoming May 2016 issue of Fortune magazine, will take you through Nestle’s dream ride of 30 years and then, the nightmare which shook them to the core. Hopefully, this will be a business case for infallible companies and a lesson for infallible individuals.

Full article here

FORTUNE – Erica Fry