Jesus as a Security Threat

Today The Browser sent me to a wonderful site called War On The Rocks, a dedicated website on articles about war, most of them written by army personnels, history professors and defense experts. Obviously, being a lowly AoE veteran myself, I read a lot of them and liked many of them.

But the reason why I have chosen this article as today’s Needull is simply because this Needull is about Jesus and we are in the middle of Passion Week according to Eastern Orthodox Christians, the week in which Jesus entered Jerusalem as a ‘king’, was arrested and prosecuted (and then reborn the next Sunday).

Now what is Jesus doing on a website about wars?

Well, today’s Needull is a unique perspective about Jesus from the eyes of of a fictional chief of station in Jerusalem during Passion Week. Imagine yourself as a Roman intelligence officer who has heard rumours about this carpenter turned rabbi who claims to be the ‘king of Jews’ and then you hear that this person is coming to Jerusalem to claim his ‘throne’. Now what will you do? From judging public opinions in a foreign land to identifying your ‘Judas’ to a swift sentence favoring the popular opinion, the story of Passion Week is like any other modern mission to curb a revolutionary.

Full article here

Detailed paper on the same topic

War On The Rocks – Col. Rose Mary Sheldon