Shambhu Baba: A Saint Is Sighted

This one is a story from Bihar. Men are christened God-men every other day in India. There is something about the Indian psyche that we as a nation are always eager to make God out of mortal men. This article tries not to be outright dismissive.

After Shambhu Baba’s mother died on 9 February, he invited one and all to eat at his village as part of theshraadh karma, a ritual performed 10 days after death for the peaceful departure of the soul. But thelangar didn’t stop with the last rites. Just how the baba can afford to feed thousands of people every day for more than a month now is a mystery within the mystery of his rise to sainthood. He does not step foot outside the village, nor is he known to have a source of income. But there is no stopping the langar, which goes on from 8 am till midnight. There are theories, of course, a particularly creative one featuring a box under the concrete floor of his hut filled with Rs 1,000 currency notes that never runs empty.

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