Eat Before You Think

Did you know that Nietzsche (“Egoism is the very essence of a noble soul.”) dined alone?

Or that Rousseau (“What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?”) was a vegetarian?

It’s not exactly surprising to see that their food habits reflected their core philosophies. Afterall, a philosopher is meant to ‘live his philosophy’. But an interesting ‘food for thought‘ is if it was the food which affected their philosophy, and not the vice versa. What if Nietzsche’s ‘Existentialism’ stemmed from the fact that he was alone at the dining table or Rousseau stressed on ‘Human Benevolence’ because his food was benign.

Food and Philosophy are unlikely relatives but in today’s Needull, food blogger Shylashri Shankar veers off her usual ‘diet’, when she tries to analyze this relationship.

What you eat, who you eat with and how you eat express religious, ethnic, gender and class identities, and reflect one’s personal views on justice and ethics. The questions posed in relation to food are the sort of issues philosophers like to ponder on.

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