A dose of Bohemian Rhapsody

The latest trailer of Suicide Squad is creating a lot of buzz. Most fans are blown away as after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, they were expecting Suicide Squad to be another dark, serious comic book movie, but that’s not the picture that this trailer paints at all. Although it starts with a rather morbidly serious tone, it gets loud & funny and yet intense in the middle and then ends with a lingering suspense.

But today’s Needull is not about Suicide Squad or its over-the-top characters (a psycho clown couple, a lizard man, a witch and Will Smith to ‘blacken the #whitewash’) or the eccentric trailer but about the real reason why this trailer hooked me up – the awesome and apt background music.

The song in the trailer is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ by Queen, considered one of the best songs ever with its unique mix of ballad and rock. The fact that biases me further is that it is sung by arguably the most famous Gujarati ever, Freddie Mercury (obviously I meant the most famous Gujarati excluding Gandhi and Modi – did I just narrowly miss a mob-attack). Today’s Needull is a simple article on some of the interesting lesser-known facts about this legendary song.

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Full video-song here

BBC AMERICA – Fraser McAlpine