The ‘real’ Danish Girl

With three days to the biggest night for cinema lovers, it’s no wonder why I have another Needull in this category today. I got a chance to see ‘bits and pieces’ of ‘The Danish Girl‘ last night (it’s banned in UAE where I live and the country where I saw it, Lebanon, had released a highly censored version of it) and even while watching the movie, I knew for sure that this one is definitely going to grab a couple of awards on the Academy night (with due apologies to Leo fans, I can bet my money on Eddie for this one). After watching Einar transform into Lili but survive as her ‘true self’ only for 14 months, the first thing I did after the movie was to switch on my international data connection and Google more about this ‘woman’ who decided to embark on an arduous journey of identification in an era when people were put into asylums for being ‘queer’. The truth was even more tragic than the movie and this article helped me understand this Danish girl even better.

Go Eddie go!!

Complete article here

The Telegraph – Horatia Harrod