Will the Real Leader Please Stand Up?

For leadership to exist, a leader must cross paths with a crisis; an exemplary person must meet her “sinister mate.” Without an answering crisis, a would-be leader remains just a promising custodian of potential.

As the above quote sums it up, today’s Needull is an attempt to re-define ‘leadership’; a pretty obvious definition, albeit most of the times we tend to neglect it. It simply says, for a hero to arise (and get accepted by his ‘followers’), there has to be a villain, either a naturally occurring calamity or sometimes an artificially created crisis (did someone say Trump!!). Until a so-called leader emerges shaken, not stirred out of such a situation, he is not seen as a ‘real leader’. In this article from The New Yorker, Joshua Rothman uses numerous examples to help you identify a true leader, be it in business or in politics or for that matter, in life.

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The New Yorker – Joshua Rothman