A Little About Lillete


There is something about Lillete.

Even though most of us remember this gorgeous lady for her ‘Pimmy Aunty‘ kind of roles but anyone who follows Mumbai English theatre, like yours truly, knows that her acting talent goes way beyond seducing Saif Ali Khan to Richard Gere. Over the years, I have seen her play diverse roles on stage and it’s unfortunate to see Bollywood stereotype her in comic roles. Apart from being an accomplished actor, she has been a theatre producer who has single-handedly changed the face of English theatre in India.

From a play about nine Iraqi women breaking barriers in a country overshadowed by war (Nine Parts of Desire), to a play about a veteran actress re-living her glory in undivided India (Where did I Leave my Purdah?), to one based on life survivors of child abuse (Thirty Days in September), Dubey’s productions cannot be typecast as they dabble in many genres

Hers was the first professional play I had ever seen when I had moved to Mumbai in 2010 (a wicked comedy called Love on the Brink). So, when I came across her recent interview in OPEN, I got a tad biased and decided to make it a Needull. So, here’s to you, Pimmy Aunty.

Complete interview here

OPEN – Divya Unny

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