Are you Type A? Nothing to be proud of, really

There are some terms which just catch on.Over time their meaning changes and they come to signify completely different meaning. Today’s needull is about the origins of “Type A”, how and why it caught up and what it signifies today.

“The two men who coined the term ‘Type A’ in the 1960s were also goal-oriented, high achieving types. But they wanted to be Type B: easygoing, take every day as it comes type people. Because while many people now use the term Type A as a badge of honor, the two men were cardiologists, and they invented the term Type A to describe stressed patients who were at a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular conditions.

So why did this medical term become a cultural mainstay? One reason is that the idea proved very influential—the two cardiologists wrote a bestselling book about Type A behavior and their work guided future medical research.” 

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