Elementary, My Dear Watson

The reason why I didn’t ‘attract a Needull’ last week was because I was busy working on the latest fad in the job market – making an ‘Infographic Resume‘.

If you don’t know what this term means, you’ve been too happy with your current job and need to re-stock your quiver. For dummies, Infographic Resume is just an interesting way to showcase your career highlights using minimal words and with more stress on relatively less-boring stuff like graphs, pictures and icons. It’s easy on eyes and makes things easy to understand for the recruiters. But, one thing’s for sure, it is not something easy to make. Ask yours truly who has been dabbling with it for an entire week.

So, as a repentance for this Needull-less week, I hereby present my first ‘Inforgraphic Needull’. This one is from Bloomberg and is a masterpiece at merging a serious financial article with a video-game like interactive format.

Many of us know that the biggest worry for a stock market are the ‘spoofers’ – the traders who use deception to misrepresent the actual demand in a market and thus make ‘small profit’ (it’s a different story altogether how these ‘small’ deceptions can lead to markets crashing down). In this Needull, we will get a chance to play a Wall-Street Sherlock, detect patterns in a stock price graph and by the end, know ‘How to Catch a Spoofer‘.

Now that I have offered you this, pop goes my guilt for the week long break.

To view more such infographic articles by Bloomberg, click here. The others which I shortlisted before finally choosing our Needull above are How to Build an Oscar Winner and This is How Fast America Changes its Mind.