Why do we prefer Martians over Venusians?

This Needle is a rather personal one.

Yesterday, my wife was using my laptop and today, I saw this article in the browser history. It is an HBR article about gender imbalance in top management (based on a research sample of 25,000 HBS graduates) and why many women “opt out” of the career progression, due to family needs, on-job discrimination and likewise.

Well, the thing which made me uncomfortable was the fact that my wife is currently on sabbatical because I have shifted abroad. So, the fact that she has had to ‘opt out’ is disturbing enough for her to Google this article out. I don’t know how this article helped her, but for me, I need to follow what the article suggests, i.e. to have ‘more-candid conversations’ with her.

The men and women who graduate from HBS set out with much in common—MBAs, high ambitions, and preparation for leadership. Perhaps it’s time for more-candid conversations—at home, at work, and on campus—about how and why their paths unfold so differently.

Article here – Rethink What You Know About High-achieving Women.