And it begins

‘First impression is the last’, they say.

Same goes with the opening shot of a movie. If a film has a good opening shot (and even if it is the only thing good about the movie), your thoughts would still linger with the movie for a long time. Well, 2 days ago, Cinefix put together a new video looking at their own favourite opening shots of all time, and that video is our Needull for you.

You might have a doubt. Now, everyone has their own favourites, so why should this Youtube video make it to our Needull list? Well, what is different about this video is that it is more than just a list. It is a Cinema 101 course on the art of film-making and has detailed information on why each of these opening shots deserve a mention.

So, keep your prejudice aside and form some new ‘first impressions’.

The Youtube link is here.

P.S: On a personal note, it’s a shame that The Matrix and 2001:A Space Odyssey don’t feature on the final 10 list.