Less is More

Yesterday night I was watching a 1959 classic called  Room at the Top and while watching the movie, I was awestruck by the acting of an elderly lady in a blink-and-miss role. A quick Google search after the movie told me her name (Hermione Baddeley) and the reason WHY I loved her in that small role.

With just 2 minutes and 20 seconds, hers is the shortest role to be nominated for an Academy Award.

So, that made me wonder who are the other actors who have got the best Return on Investment in terms of acting or in short, Oscar nominations for a small role. As always, Mental Floss came to rescue and helped me with that query.

So here you go – 12 Actors Who Earned Oscar Nods for Less Than 20 Minutes of Screen Time.

Now that I have an answer to this one, I have another query. Is there any Bollywood actor who has won a Filmfare (or for that matter any of the numerous film awards) for less than 20 minutes of screen time? I doubt Mental Floss will help me with that.