A laid-back Sunday with Asimov

A laid-back Sunday has its own bucket of memories.

While growing up, we go through different phases of literary preferences and for me the moment of redemption came during the ‘science fiction phase’ (with Asimov being the uncontended prophet during that period).  It was during one of those Sundays that a monk teacher in our school had introduced me to today’s Needull. In that pre-Inception era, his words had misled me into the layered maze of complex thoughts and that Sunday hadn’t remained laid-back for me.

A laid-back Sunday doesn’t have rules.

Who said that a Needull has to only be a journalistic article or a political discourse. Today’s Needull is a short science fiction story by Asimov. And not just any other story but the one which he himself considered as his own favorite. Just like a laid-back Sunday, Asimov’s stories have no rules either, as they transcend beyond gadgets and space travel and effortlessly contradict his own laws. When he writes, he makes you see beyond the metallic world he has created and links it with the philosophical realities of today. This particular story is a classic example of his works.

Enjoy the story here.

After all, it’s a laid-back Sunday. Ain’t it?


If you find Asimov a little too taxing for a Sunday, read some simpler contemporary science fiction here.