The forgotten ‘White Guy’

Since the day Neelabh invited me to be part of Needull’s editor team, I was constantly pondering on what would be my first article-selection out of the enormous haystack I pile up every day. Afterall, the first impression is what matters. I wanted it to be something beyond entertainment or politics or my favorite topic travel. Not that I won’t give you a periodic dose of those topics but because I wanted my first post to be precursor of what would my most common theme in my future selections – PEOPLE (be it unsung heroes or over-adulated legends or just a guy on a street).

And then I got reminded of this amazing article by Riccardo Gazzaniga about Peter Norman, the seemingly sheepish white guy in the famous 1968 Black Power Salute picture. This amazing article was shared extensively on social media in late 2015 but for most of us, it would have got lost in the flurry of status updates – the proverbial haystack.

So here we go, my first ever Needull out of the haystack – The White Man in That Photo